Mongolian officials hold snow leopard conservation seminar

A seminar was held last month by the Mongolian Ministry for Nature, Environment and Green Development. If any SLN member who attended would like to give a report in the next News Update,  that would be very informative. Full text of news story follows:


Mongolia probes ways to protect snow leopards

 June 7, 2013

The Mongolian Ministry for Nature, Environment and Green Development held a seminar Thursday to discuss ways to further strengthen snow leopard conservation.

More than 30 experts, scholars and officials from Mongolia’s environmental protection departments, the World Environment Foundation, the Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation and other institutes discussed conservation measures and shared experience from other countries.

Experts said that, due to habitat loss, poaching, conflicts with humans and other reasons in recent years, the snow leopard had been listed as endangered species.

Snow leopards are targeted by hunters for its beautiful fur. Mongolia’s southern Gobi region is implementing a project to protect the species. Snow Leopard is mainly distributed in China’s Xinjiang region, Mongolia and other countries in the Central Asia plateau.

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