Predation Report From Baltistan Pakistan, Prepared by Ghulam Mohammad

The Doghro village is located in Shigar valley Baltistan; at a distance of 80 km from Skardu Town. The altitude of this village is about 2500 m. There are 104 households with the population of 637. The main source of income of the village is agriculture and livestock. The pastures of the village are situated in extreme slopes, vegetation and rocky. The availability of water is very limited in the pasture. The wildlife of the area is ibex, snow leopard, wolf, chakor, ram chakor. Each year the villager lose many livestock due to predation of snow leopard and wolf.

On the night of August 1st and 2nd, 2011, a snow leopard in Bangspang Dogro village 29 sheep and goats killed in the open range of the area at an altitude of 3893m. PSL staff went to the site of predation to confirm the report. The team found carcasses of thirteen sheep and nine goats. The people in the pasture said that they slaughtered seven injured livestock and they claim that many small animals are still missing. Most animals had visible and prominent injury marks on their neck. The villagers don’t have a cattle shed. So they keep all animals in open range. PSL-BWCDO is planning to provide predator proof corral to the villagers during the current year. PSL is currently assessing the extent of the damage and evaluating the insurance claims. PSL will pay the claims once all necessary steps have been taken.
The District Wildlife Officer from Baltistan region provided the much needed logistical and administrative support to PSL-BWCDO in the assessment of the damages.

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