Camera traps for snow leopard to be installed in the Argut River valley, Russia

5 Oct 2010

[Excerpting only new information. Translation courtesy of Jennifer Castner, The Altai Project.]

“It is extremely important that local residents participate in the
area’s snow leopard monitoring. Installation of the camera traps will
all local residents to be drawn into nature conservation projects. “We
are not seeing any targeted snow leopard hunting along the middle
Argut right now,” commented Mikhail Paltsyn, director of the rare
species conservation project. “But poachers are still setting up great
numbers of snares for musk deer in the Koir and Yungur River valleys,
and those can catch snow leopard as well. In 2008, one of those
poachers was arrested in Koir for setting over 300 snares.”

This press release was developed by WWF-Russia (Altai-Sayan project)

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