Indian Army rescued injured snow leopard in Ladakh

Indian Army rescued injured snow leopard in Ladakh

by Vijay Kumar <> March 03, 2010  

Udhampur-Jammu, March 3 (Scoop News/Ground Report) – Indian army rescued an injured snow leopard who was trapped by the villagers of LAGA village near Tangtse in Ladakh of J&K state.

According to reports reaching here the snow leopard was hiding behind a big stone. On getting information about the snow leopard, which is among endangered species, troops from nearby location rescued it with the help of a camouflage net and a blanket.

Meanwhile, the department of Wild Life was contacted at Leh and a team from the Wild Life department headed by Mr. Norbu, reached at LAGA village and shifted the injured snow leopard to the Animal Rescue Centre with the help of the Army troops, where it was treated, fed and kept overnight.Finally injured lepored was shifted by the Wild Life team to Leh for treatment & rehabilitation.

Two leopards captured in J-K


Jammu, Mar 3 (PTI Press Trust of India) In separate incidents, people captured two leopards, including an endangered snow leopard, which had entered their villages, police officials said.A leopard barged into the house of Mohammad Younis and attacked herd of sheep in Ladote village of Rajouri district early today, they said.

The villagers assembled and captured the leopard, the officials said.

Later, they informed the matter to wildlife officials who had taken custody of the leopard, they said, adding the injured wildcat was being treated.

Another report said a snow leopard was trapped by the villagers when it entered village Laga near Tangtse mountain ridge in Leh district a few days back, army officials said.

Army troops and wildlife officials rescued the injured snow leopard and shifted it to animal rescue centre in Leh, where it was being treated, they said. <>

2 thoughts on “Indian Army rescued injured snow leopard in Ladakh”

  1. Both in India and Pakistan, army troops stationed at remote mountainous frontiers in bidiversity hotspot zones are an important stakeholder to protect and preserve endangered species like snow leopard. I think Wildlife Deprtments in both the countries should work out an effective strategy with defence personnel to protect fast declining population of snow leopards that naturally guard these desolate but beautiful landscapes.

  2. kudo to Indian Army for saving the life of endangered Snow leopard in remote area of Ladakh.Since Snow leopard’sGeographic range falls mainly along the international boundaries and is prone to border disputes,firring across the border and many a times war.So this endangered Spps should not suffer, as it belongs to all of us cutting across the boundries.The Indian Army’s gesture has proved that not only it’s citizen but also wild fauna is safe as its concern is to preseve the integrity of Nation and conserve the Nature.

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